Cineraria Leaf Dipping Bowl

Cineraria Leaf Dipping Bowl


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This Cineraria Leaf Dipping Bowl offers a refreshing take on your dining accessories and brings some distinctive ornamentation to your table setting. Hand painted by skilled artisans in Portugal, the detailing upon the leaves is immaculate, as the colour subtly shades from light to dark green. Every deep green vein can be seen as well, adding some intriguing texture and decoration.

Positioned in the centre is a quaint little bird, providing another welcome but unexpected guest to the dinner party! Place toasted breads within the large outer ring, and then a dip of your choice in the convenient central space to entertain your guests with a delicious crudité before the main course.

Dimensions: H: 9cm, Dia: 36cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic


Dishwasher Safe 

Made in Portugal