Coloured Glass Decanter

Coloured Glass Decanter


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This stunning amber hued decanter is perfect for all through the year, whether you are using indoors for a cosy meal setting, or outdoors for more of an alfresco feel.

Unique and wonderfully crafted by a traditional Portuguese glassblower, with decorative arabesque patterns in relief created using handmade moulds and then cut, edged and polished with great attention to detail.

Wonderfully smooth to the touch and excellently weighted, such an item will enhance a table setting with character and make those gatherings with friends and family feel even cosier. Suitable for storing whatever suits your taste, from a mulled wine with an evening meal to cool water on a bedside table.

Size: 14.5 x 12 cm

Spout diameter: 5 cm

Material: Glass

Please note that, as these pieces are handmade, sizes and colours, may vary slightly.