Ice Cream Cups

Coloured Glass Ice Cream Cup


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These charming Coloured Glass Ice Cream Cups come in a variety of bright and stylish colours that are perfect for both winter and summer and add character to any dinner or drinks party, and make a weekday dessert particularly fun.

Each glass is unique and wonderfully crafted by a Portuguese glassmaker, embellishing the surface with a mesmerising spiked diamond pattern reminiscent of early 20th century biquinho goblets. Created using handmade moulds and then cut, edged, and polished with great attention to detail, these goblets are wonderfully smooth and sure to fill a table setting with character and make gatherings with friends and family feel even cosier.

Available in three different colours:

  • Amber
  • Purple
  • Red

Dimensions: H: 12cm, Dia: 8cm 

Materials: Blown Glass 

Dishwasher Safe 

Made in Portugal