Orange Pitcher

Orange Pitcher


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Bring novelty and a splash of colour to mealtimes with this charming Orange Pitcher. Possessing a bulbous shape and dimpled exterior inspired by oranges themselves, this ceramic embodiment is perfect for serving fresh citrus juice! This centerpiece is perfect for elevating a more minimalist table setting, and also works wonderfully alongside other colourful pieces.

Inspired by Portuguese culture and rustic dining traditions, these bold ceramic creations are crafted by hand in Portugal using ancestral manufacturing techniques. These earthenware pieces remain close to tradition, however are contemporaneous in their humorous design, taking inspiration from naturalistic motifs.

Dimensions: H: 18cm, L: 17.5cm, W: 13.5cm

Capacity: 1500ml

Weight: 0.64kg

Materials: Earthenware

Dishwasher and microwave safe.