Pea Platter - Small, Medium and Large

Pea Platters in Small, Medium and Large


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Boasting a vibrant, zany design, these ceramic Pea Platters have come just in time for summer dining. Drawing inspiration from nature’s simplicity, these food platters are hand painted in Portugal and beautifully fashioned using traditional techniques. Lightly glazed, they hold a gorgeous glossy finish on top of their already stunning design.

Perfect for dining Al Fresco this summer, these pea platters offer a rustic charm. Use them to display long steamed vegetables or perhaps serve light tapas upon them to really embrace Mediterranean traditions. The perfect example of how creativity and functionality can coexist.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • Small: H: 4cm, W: 10cm, D: 29.5cm
  • Medium: H: 4cm, W: 10cm, D: 39cm
  • Large: H: 4cm, W: 10cm, D: 46.5cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic 


Dishwasher Safe