Ragwort Leaf with Birds Plate

Ragwort Leaf with Birds Plates


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Add some charming, (yet rather small), guests to your summer garden parties with these marvellous Ragwort Leaf Plates. Hand painted in Portugal, the detail upon the leaves is incredible. Every little vein and curve shine through in a delightful earthy green colouring.

Finished with a glossy glaze, the leaves have a green lustre highlighting the quaint bird figurines that are perched above. These little birds help add some unique ornamentation to your dining settings. Such a rustic design makes these plates perfect for serving up light snacks, nuts, or sweet treats; just be sure the birds do not get there first!

Available in three styles: 

  • Single Leaf with Blue Bird
  • Double Leaf with Red Bird
  • Double Leaf with Blue Birds


  • Single Leaf with Blue Bird: H: 7.5cm, W: 19cm, D: 19cm
  • Double Leaf with Red Bird: H: 6.5cm, W: 13.5cm, D: 22cm 
  • Double Leaf with Blue Birds: H: 7.5cm, W: 19cm, D: 34cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic 


Dishwasher Safe