Wonki Ware Side Plates

Side Plates by Wonki


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Charming and bearing an abundance of contemporary elegance, these Side Plates come in an array of subtle, gingham designs which have been attentively brushed onto a white background.

Created by the brand ‘Wonki Ware’, each piece has been handcrafted in South Africa through a truly artisanal process that is becoming considerably rare in the age of automated production. Wonki celebrates the organic qualities of natural materials and creative processes, utilising the versatile properties of clay in order to mould, shape, smooth, and paint through a meticulous fifteen-stage process until the desired result is reached. Staying true to its humble ethos, no two creations are identical, encouraging an embracement of the ‘mix and match’ approach.

In three refreshing colours to choose from with an appealing glazed-finish, their minimalistic yet playful pattern would be a perfect accoutrement to a summer table setting indoors, or alternatively to use outside whilst entertaining amongst friends and family.

Available in:

  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Dark Green

Dimensions: H: 2cm x W: 19.5cm

Material: Clay