Stoneware Cereal Bowls

Stoneware Vintage Cereal Bowl


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This excellent Stoneware with its refined outline and pleasing glaze, is made by a family owned firm in Portugal, established over a century ago. The company has evolved, but many traditional techniques and the staunch approach to quality have endured.

The fluid designs of the Stoneware follow classical lines, which, tried and tested over time, ensure each piece is easy to use and lovely to hold. The subtle glazes, designed to accentuate the ceramic curves with gentle variations in shade, are inspired by the natural colours in the Portuguese landscape – earth, sea and sky.

Stoneware has been valued for its practicality for centuries. Prior to the invention of porcelain, the Chinese, famed for their ceramics, mainly produced stoneware. On a  basic level, it is clay fired at a higher temperature than earlier earthenware, making it non-porous. The robust nature of modern Stoneware means that it is less susceptible to chipping and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

So, Stoneware – strong and versatile – use it for a generous helping of muesli with a steaming cup of coffee at family breakfast, it will look effortlessly appealing and just right.

Choose from:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue