Strawberry Oval Bowls

Strawberry Oval Bowls


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Richly detailed, these ceramic Strawberry Oval Bowls are from a Portuguese designer who strives to make high quality, distinctive earthenware, inspired by nature’s simplicity. Hand painted they boast a vibrant colouring that enrichens any table setting.

Finished with a glossy glaze, these bowls hold a delightful shine that compliments their lively colouring. Perfect for serving up light appetizers for some Al Fresco dining or even as a charismatic fruit bowl.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small
  • Large


  • Small: H: 4cm, W: 11cm, D: 13.5cm 
  • Large: H: 8cm, W: 17.5cm, D: 24cm

Materials: Glazed Ceramic 


Dishwasher Safe