Tomato Bowls

Tomato Bowls


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These Tomato Bowls are both beautiful and perfectly entertaining; when full they appear to be plain red, however the instantly recognisable leaves of the tomato are revealed as you eat! The organic shape of the tomato’s ridges add character while the gossy, vibrant red glaze offers opulence and quality.

The larger Tomato Bowl is the ideal serving vessel for pasta - what better way to present linguini laced with fresh tomatoes and olive oil than in a tomato itself. The smaller of the pair is ideal for fresh dips, sauces or starters. 

Inspired by Portuguese culture and rustic dining traditions, these bold ceramic creations are crafted by hand in Portugal using ancestral manufacturing techniques. These earthenware pieces remain close to tradition, however are contemporaneous in their humorous design, taking inspiration from naturalistic motifs.


  • Small: L: 12cm, W: 12.5cm, H 4.5cm
  • Large: L: 25cm, W: 25.5cm, H: 6cm

Materials: Earthenware

Dishwasher and microwave safe.