Tomato Boxes

Tomato Boxes


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These hand painted Tomato Boxes are full of character and charm. The top of the tomato acts as a handy lid for keeping its contents safe and protected, making it the perfect for storing snacks and serving nibbles from. The dainty size of the smaller Tomato Box is perfectly fun to serve tomato sauce from, alternatively use it as a trincket box for smaller, precious items. 

Inspired by Portuguese culture and rustic dining traditions, these bold ceramic creations are crafted by hand in Portugal using ancestral manufacturing techniques. These earthenware pieces remain close to tradition, however are contemporaneous in their humorous design, taking inspiration from naturalistic motifs.


  • Small: L: 6.5cm, W:6cm, H: 6.5cm
  • Large: L: 13cm, W:15cm, H: 10cm

Materials: Earthenware