Glass Grape Cluster Ceiling Lights

Glass Grape Lights


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This grappe de verre or cluster of coloured Glass Grape Lights recreates a light that was a mid-century classic. Now in a sleeker and more contemporary style, the ‘grapes’ in this eye-catchingly modernised adaptation are mouth-blown in Damascus by traditional craftsmen, from recycled glass. The drops are blown without a mould, and the quantity of drops in each light varies from one piece to another.

With clusters of large coloured glass drops, this light will feature well as a pendant above a dining table or on a swag in a hall or sitting room. It can also be placed directly on to a side table as a most unusual table lamp.

Please choose from the following colours:

  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Tutti Rouge


Small T1 - L:25cm, W:15cm (small glass drops)
Medium T2 - L:35cm, W:25cm (medium size glass drops)
Large T4 - L:50cm, W:35cm in Clear only (large size glass drops)
Extra-Large T5 - L:53cm, W:38cm (large size glass drops)

Please note, each piece is unique and the sizes are approximate.

The lights come with a kit (lead and plug, a twist-in candle style lamp-holder and a hook, onto which you can attach your own style of chain for hanging, if required). These lights have an unusual fitting and are delicate, so we recommend installation by a professional electrician.