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Ioli Table Lamp


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For a bit of marvellous décor madness, this charming Ioli lamp is a sheer de-light! Resembling an image from Art Deco pattern book and an illustration from Madeline, all rolled into one, this delightful eye-catcher comes in an 85cm table lamp size. Unusual and sculptural with a bit of collage decoration, Ioli is dressed in a vintage fabric outfit, a long black shirt, belted with the same tiger print as the skirt, which adds to her charm making her a unique addition to any room.

The inverted umbrella is a lampshade to the light itself. The Ioli Table Lamp is handmade from solid, hand painted wood and vintage fabric, and is fully wired. It stands on a wooden base decoratively covered in news print. 

Dimensions: H: 85cm; W: 35cm; L: 20cm

Bulb: E14 Led, 40W

Notes: Please be aware bulb is not included. As these lady lamps are individually created, there may be slight variation in colours or patterns from the image(s) here.