La Lecture Light

La Lecture Light


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This captivating lamp, straight from the artistic quarter of Avignon, is quintessentially French. Its purpose is not to provide a practical light, but rather it is a delicate work of art, representing a scene which is gently illuminated as if by a theatrical spotlight.

The structure of La Lecture is handmade from fine metal wire, which has become distressed, giving it a warm, antique patina. The wire has been painstakingly twisted and worked to form a hexagonal cage with curlicued topknot and feet, which acts as a decorative frame for a whimsical vignette – a moment caught in time.

Centre stage, under the light, a young couple are seated on a kissing chair, poignantly close, yet separated; he holds a book aloft, she listens… perhaps. Around them, like encircling arms, winds a double staircase, through the wire banisters of which are twisted tiny, pastel-coloured paper flowers, while wire windows within arches form the walls of their enchanted, filigree world.

Materials: Iron wire, thin iron metal lampshade, antique fabric, newsprint

Dimensions: H:82cm, W:37cm, D:33cm

Flex: Black, fabric-coated cable, British three-pin plug, supplied with standard small Edison screw bulb

Care: Dust with a paintbrush or fine feather duster. Place on even surface, do not hang from curlicue top knot. 

Please note the light is purely for decorative effect.