Read Me Once Lamp

Read Me Once Lamp


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This arrestingly different lamp is constructed from vintage books which have, over time, mellowed into things of great beauty. Treated as if building blocks, the volumes, some bound in linen gauze, have been used to form an intriguing lamp base and secured (apparently) with string and red sealing wax. The effect is wonderfully random, and this process of fabrication means inevitably that each lamp is unique. The lampshade is again, hand pieced from natural linen gauze, which sheds a soft, gently filtered light through the palest verdigris coloured fabric.

Hand made by a revered interior design firm in Bologna, the Read Me Once Lamp captures the charm and sophistication so typical of Italian style; it possesses an undeniable chic and should cast its light way beyond a library or study.

Colour: Pale verdigris green

Materials: Paper, board, string, wax, metal, linen gauze,

Dimensions, including shade (approximate because each lamp varies): H:47cm, W:23cm, D:16cm 

Flex: Transparent torpedo switch and plastic coated cable, British three-pin plug, requires standard E27 screw bulb

Care: Dust with a fine feather duster