Multicoloured Driftwood Stool

Multicoloured Driftwood Stool


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An unusual find, this Multicoloured Driftwood Stool is certainly unique. Made from sustainably sourced driftwood that is strong and sturdy, and studded with colourful mushroom-shaped flowers in a range of different fabrics, it will bring a serious sense of fun and texture to any room, whilst also being luxuriously comfortable. 

Perfect as a stool, this rare piece can also double up as a stand-alone ornament or a book table next to low sofas.

Dimensions: H:45cm, W:46cm, L:47cm

Materials: Driftwood (Vitex Parviflora), cotton

Product care: Dab away any spillages or spots with a warm damp cloth, taking care never to rub or spread any colour. Use extremely gentle cleaning soaps.