Philodendron scandens Brasil (container not included)

Philodendron scandens Brasil


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Crisp, heart-shaped leaves with ‘drip-tip’ ends, hint of this plant’s ancestry in the rainforest. Decorative enough by themselves, the glossy leaves of Philodendron Scandens Brasil are also a wonderfully colourful, bright bottle green with irregular streaks of lime green and gold. At random, some leaves are steadfastly unvariegated and appear as solid green or gold. These vibrant shades resemble those of the Brazilian flag, thus, earning its name. A fast-growing, vigorous climber, P. Scandens Brasil climbs ever upwards as a testament to its origins within the rainforest canopy. 

P. scandens Brasil comes from a large family of plants that were originally found in South America in the seventeenth century. To benefit from sunlight filtering through the canopy, the seed germinates high up the branches of trees where the plant benefits from the trees' height without taking nutrients. Hence the name Philodendron, which translated means lover of trees.

Not just aesthetically pleasing, they also help to purify the air by removing toxins, and as a result boost our mood!

Pot size: 15cm

Family: Araceae

Dimensions: H:90cm, W:30cm

Soil: Thrives in loose, airy, well-draining soil.

Position: In good light but avoid bright sunlight

Aspect: East Facing

Care: Philodendrons like room temperatures around 18° to 26°. Keep soil moist but not too wet, avoid roots sitting in water, water less in the winter. Use rain water if possible to avoid chlorine. Protect from temperatures below 18 degrees. Apply a light fertilizer monthly in the summer. Likes humidity so regularly mist leaves. Repot as necessary in spring in well draining, indoor potting compost.

Warnings: Philodendron leaves are toxic to pets and humans if consumed, since they contain calcium oxalate