Philodendron scandens Brasil (container not included)

Philodendron scandens Brasil


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Crisp, heart-shaped leaves with ‘drip-tip’ ends, hint of this plant’s ancestry in the rain forest. Decorative enough by themselves, these glossy leaves are also a wonderfully colourful, bright bottle green with irregular streaks of lime green and gold. At random, some leaves are steadfastly unvariegated and appear as solid green or gold. Preferring good light, not sun, Philodendron scandens Brasil also grows at speed, climbing ever upwards as testament to its origins.

P. scandens Brasil comes from a large family of plants that were originally found in South America in the seventeenth century. The natural development of the plant is complex. To benefit from sunlight filtering through the canopy, the seed germinates high up the branches of trees where the germinated plant (as an epiphyte) benefits from the trees' height without taking nutrient. As it matures it sends roots down to the floor but continues to climb vine-like through the trees. Hence Philodendron, which translated means lover of trees.

Philodendons are aesthetically pleasing, and therefore boost our mood as well as purifying the air by removing formaldehyde.

Pot size: 15cm

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