Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Eating by Somer Sivrioglu & David Dale

Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Eating


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Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish eating

by Somer Sivrioglu & David Dale

Anatolia is the ancient name for the area now known as Turkey, and is home to an equally ancient but constantly evolving cuisine, an assimilation of those of the Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, Balkan, Greek, Jewish, Kurdish and Romany cultures. The Turks are passionate about food.

Authentic Turkish cuisine and food culture from Istanbul-born Australian restaurateur, Somer Sivrioglu and Australian food scholar, David Dale, accompanied by lavish photography. Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Eating is much more than a cookbook; it's a travel guide, narrative journey and richly illustrated exploration of a 4000-year-old cooking culture. The recipes are accompanied by fascinating tales, tricks and rituals, bringing them to life.

Reimagined recipes ranging from the grand banquets of the Ottoman empire to the spicy snacks of Istanbul's street stalls, from epic breakfasts on the eastern border to seafood mezes on the Aegean coastline. With more than 100 stories and recipes, including many suitable for vegetarians or vegans, this is the what, the where, the how and the why of eating the Turkish way.

Edition: 1st edition, February 2020

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:26.4cm, W:19.7cm, D:2.9cm

Extent: 288 pages

ISBN-10: 1911632728; ISBN-13: 978-1911632726