Breakfast: The Cookbook

Breakfast: The Cookbook


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Breakfast: The Cookbook

By Emily Elyse Miller

Tradition and good sense suggest that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; Breakfast:The Cookbook will confirm this and shake up mornings wonderfully.

This 464-page volume is brimming with delicious recipes from all over the world. From Israeli Shashuka to Ecuadorian Empanadas, via Swedish Cardamom Buns, with hundreds of recipes in between. Not only are the recipes fascinating (who knew that marinated beef is on the morning menu in Japan or that a Welsh ‘Fry Up’ involves seaweed and cockles?), but they are easy to follow.

The author has divided the book into 20 manageable sections such as: Pancakes, Stuffed and Fried or Cereals and Porridges, and provided an additional section on breakfast drinks (for example Indian chais and Qishr from Yemen). She also includes sections for Vegetarian and Vegan recipes as well as Gluten- and Dairy-Free options. Each recipe is given a short but insightful culinary context and, crucially, the lists of ingredients have been adapted to make them feasible for British cooks.

The end papers are the unmissable yellow of a sunny-side-up yolk – such a good way to start the day!


Format: Hardback, cloth cover, two ribbon page markers

Dimension: H:27cm, W:18cm, D:5cm

Pages: 464

Illustrations: 80 full colour photographs

ISBN:- 10: 0714878049

ISBN:- 13: 9780714878041