English Decoration by Ben Pentreath

English Decoration


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English Decoration

by Ben Pentreath


As an award winning interiors blogger and owner of Pentreath & Hall in Bloomsbury, London, Ben Pentreath knows a thing or two about English décor. And in this beautiful book, he presents an insightful overview of the classic English style. Visiting 18 homes with very English yet widely diverse spaces, he explores and appraises these interiors. All of which have a common theme of being unpretentious, comfortable to live in, fit for purpose, and still possessing a luminous, timeless beauty.

The houses included are the author’s own homes in London and Dorset as well as the homes of various writers, architects, gardeners, and artists. Arranged room by room, the reader journeys through the entrance halls, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms of utility, and rooms of display, considering each in turn. It’s a wonderful journey for anyone who loves interior spaces or wants a sense of very English decorating style.