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Joseph Banks' Florilegium


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Joseph Banks’ Florilegium: Botanical Treasures from Cook's First Voyage

by Mel Gooding, David Mabberley, Joe Studholme

The impact Joseph Banks has had on British gardens and landscapes is incalculable. In 1768 he embarked with Captain Cook on the now legendary Endeavour to collect botanical specimens from around the world, starting in Brazil, through the Pacific Islands, then on to Australia and New Zealand. Following the voyage, he commissioned over 700 engravings of his botanical finds – the illustrations known as his Florilegium.

Never published in Banks' lifetime, Florilegium only saw the light of day in 1990, when the British Museum issued a limited edition of the illustrations. It is from this collection that these superlative illustrations have been chosen; they are as crisp and beautiful now as when first cut.

The illustrations are accompanied by enlightened commentary from the botanist David Mabberley, art historian Mel Gooding and print expert Joe Studholme.




Extent 320pp

Illustrations:181 full colour plates

Dimensions: H:27cm, W:20.3cm, D:3.3cm

ISBN-10: 9780500022870