Mariana (with other Persephone titles and Pooky lamp)



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by Monica Dickens

Mariana is a poignant coming of age book set in the 1930s. It follows the agonies and ecstasies experienced by an enthusiastic young woman growing up in ‘a certain kind of English life at a certain moment in time’. But unlike a mosquito in amber, Mary’s life is observed with such perception and humour, that it is as entertaining now as when it was first published during the devastating early years of WWII.

Based in Bloomsbury, Persephone Publishing was established in 1999 to reprint brilliant books written by neglected authors, mainly from the 20th Century. Named after the powerful Greek goddess Persephone, who ruled the underworld with Hades, the slant of the imprint is, as you might suspect, towards female authors, but not exclusively. Due to the remarkable titles that have reappeared, Persephone Publishing has acquired a reputation for selecting books that are, very simply, marvellous to read. Not dauntingly intellectual, these are beautifully written stories that have resurfaced after the hardest test of all – time.



Dimensions: H:19cm, W:14cm

Integral jacket with flaps and printed endpapers

ISBN: 9781906462048