Vegan - The Cookbook

Vegan - The Cookbook


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Vegan - The Cookbook

by Jean-Christian Jury

An inspiring cookery book in which Jean-Christian Jury shows how plant based foods can be accessible and appealing to everybody. With nearly 500 recipes in this book Jean-Christian celebrates the vitality and variety of plants and grains, and demonstrates the seemingly endless and delicious possibilities to create vibrant, flavourful and fresh dishes.

Plant-based food is vital for our well being. These recipes inspired by Jean-Christian's travels around the world show that plant based food can also be enjoyable and nourishing. You will discover sweet and savoury starters, soups, salads, grains and beans, pasta and noodles, and desserts for you to enjoy with family and friends. Great food that makes you feel good both inside and out.

H:27.5cm, W:19cm, D:4.8cm
480 pages

ISBN-10: 0714873918
ISBN-13: 978-0714873916