Scandi Scent Diffuser 200ml – Fjord

Scandi Scent Diffusers 200ml


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We have fallen in love with these sophisticated quality scent diffusers in glass bottles that will bring subtle and stable fragrance to your home for weeks on end. The unusual scents simply capture the rich stories of Scandinavia and will help you appreciate the small moments of everyday life. The glass holder is patterned with compelling symbols representing a story.

Quality design led by form and function, plus the classic Scandinavian approach of not too much, not too little, has resulted in the understated scents of these beautiful fragrance diffusers that will bring the Scandinavian way of life and values into your home.

Designed in Denmark, assembled in France.

H:9.5cm, Dia:7.5cm

200ml. Scent time: 3 months. Includes 8 reeds

Choose from the following eight unique fragrances.

Peace and love:

  • Lempi ('lem-pe'/Love) - romantic and straightforward - rose, strawberry, peony and oak moss
  • Ö ('urr'/Island) - secluded, silent and fragrant - damp rock moss, dog rose and crab apples
  • Ro ('ro'/Tranquility) - peace and calm - fresh cut grass, crumpled leaves, ambered woods

Home and family:

  • Hygge ('hu-gah'/Cosiness) - intimate - tea, strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint = Danish DNA
  • Koto ('ko-to'/Home) - refreshing sanctuary - Baltic amber, mock orange, mandarin and vanilla
Seas and forests:
  • Hav ('how'/Sea) - freshness of the sea - water flora, driftwood, sea froth and fresh air
  • Fjord ('f-yor'/Glacial Inlet) - dramatic and joyous - glaciers, conifer woods, waterfalls, orchards, blackcurrants and raspberries
  • Skog ('skowg'/Forest) - calm boreal forests - morning mist, pine needles, lily of the valley, musk, aged leather

A range of candles in these fragrances is also available.