Taj Zeliges Star Black Table

Taj Zeliges Star Black Table


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This wonderfully handmade side table exudes Northern African culture. Handcrafted from strong Zellige clay tiles straight from Morocco, the mesmerising mosaic motif, results in a beautiful, almost asymmetrical pattern. The surface utilises a chaotic precision with its irregular star-like patterns that merge the frantic atmosphere of Morocco’s Marrakech, with the peace and comfort of your own home. 

Each tile is glazed to perfection in a kiln to combine durability with style, this timeless classic, adds that ‘final touch’ you have perhaps been searching for.

Dimensions: L:45cm, W:45cm, H:46cm 

Material: Iron legs. Glazed clay tiles from Fez, Morocco. 

Colour: Black

Care: Wipe with a soft, damp cloth.