Tripod Fireplace

Tripod Fireplace


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Designed with the Danish lifestyle concept of Hygge in mind – meaning to create warmth, connection, and wellbeing – this effortlessly stylish French Tripod Fireplace captures those exact concepts. Perched atop three charming smoked oak legs, its low frame provides a comforting warmth at armchair level, perfect for a lazy Sunday. Fit with a sleek minimalist design, that accentuates its elegant curves, this fireplace takes pride in a simpler aesthetic. Because it is on legs, it can be used outside as well. 

What really makes this piece unique is its eco-friendly fuel consumption. Rather than using traditional fuels, full of nasty emissions, it uses sustainable bioethanol. Smokeless and odour free, bioethanol is the ideal fuel to create a welcoming, cosy ambience. The unusual oval shaped dome has been designed to radiate the fire's heat to every corner of your sitting room. Perfect for making a statement or snuggling up around to embrace that Hygge lifestyle!

Dimensions: Total height: 87cm; Dome - H: 42cm, W: 52cm, D: 49cm; Burner - H: 20cm W: 7.5cm D: 24cm; Legs - H: 45cm, Diameter: 3.2cm

Materials: Dome - 2.3mm S235 Steel, high heat resistant paint; Burner - SS304 Stainless steel, brushed ceramic fibre; Legs - Smoked oak

Weight: 19.7kg

Colour: Matte black with smoked oak legs

Fuel Type: Bioethanol (minimum 95% pure), readily available from DIY stores

Fuel consumption: up to 0.3 litres/hour

Fuel Volume: 1.5 litre

Heat production: 3kW

Safety instructions: We highly recommend studying the user manual provided for all safety and care instructions

Care: If used outside, once cool, store undercover when not in use.