Abigail Waddell: Cotswold Escarpment

Abigail Waddell: Cotswold Escarpment


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A modern meteorologist analysed the clouds in Constable’s works and found them to be completely accurate, and the same could probably be said of Abigail’s works. Cotswold Escarpment shows an enormous, impressionistic sky full of classically English clouds buffeted by the wind, overarching her landscape. That she sketches in situ is clear - the wind is almost tangible and the sun, shining through the fleeting gaps in the clouds, lights up areas of the landscape below. The result is familiar and invigorating. 

Abigail Waddell is a part time Rheumatologist and when she is not working for the NHS, she is painting. She finds that doing both jobs encourages enthusiasm and creativity for the two roles. She lives in the Cotswolds but has spent summer for the last 25 years in northwest Scotland, but is also drawn to Wales, Devon and Cornwall. In all these locations she has favourite spots where she will return to paint, sketching in the open (en plein air) and then working the sketches up in her studios. She describes her approach,

‘ I favour oils for landscapes of land or sea in which the light and in particular, the clouds demand an impressionistic approach, to allow the pieces to reflect more than simply a snapshot of what is in front of me and give the viewer a significant role in interpretation.’

More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate): Image: H:61cm, W:76cm

Oil on canvas


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