Amanda House Wild Yam

Amanda House: Wild Yam


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In Wild Yam, a bold, highly abstracted root veg arrangement sits on a lime green table. Each component is in conversation with each other; the background bleeds into the foliage, the foliage into the multicoloured vase, and the vase into the surface, adding a pleasing sense of harmony through an exuberant riot of colour. A charmingly ambiguous portrayal of a still life, achieved with layers upon layers of eye-catching tones and impressionistic forms.

A mixed media artist and printmaker, Amanda House’s paintings are a euphoric take on the genre of still life. Working in layers of watercolour, gouache, encaustic, pastels, and pencils onto handmade Indian rag paper, her work is a journey directed by the juxtaposition of colour and form. Inspired by the boldness and decorative qualities of Bonnard, Matisse and the Bloomsbury Group, Amanda works on more than one painting at a time creating a lively rhythm throughout.

Inspired by a chance visit to an artist’s studio, Amanda became motivated to pursue painting further after she and her friends enjoyed a creative evening of landscape painting. House went on to complete a two-year access art course at Stroud College, followed by a Fine Art degree at the University of Gloucestershire. Soon after, she was offered a couple solo exhibitions at the Winds of Change Gallery in Winchcombe. Her work has been in galleries in Italy, Devon, Cornwall, the RWEA in Bristol and in many areas within the Cotswolds.

More of this talented artist’s works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions: H: 37cm (1ft 3in), W: 37cm (1ft 3in), D: 2cm (1in)

Mixed media & watercolour on handmade indian rag paper

Framed, plain black painted wooden frame, unglazed

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