Caroline Chappell: Tread Softly

Caroline Chappell:Tread Softly


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Caroline Chappell explains the motivation behind her painting:

‘Our ancient landscape is the inspiration for my work. Walking in the tracks of our Neolithic ancestors on paths that traverse the countryside. I capture a sense of place by drawing and making notes. Back home in the studio I develop these ideas into paintings which reflect the experience of being there. ‘

Caroline builds of layers of mixed media, especially acrylic paint, using feathers as well as more conventional palette knives and brushes, in her own words, ‘Each new painting is an exploration into unknown territory.’

By choosing this title, Tread Softly, Caroline is presumably referring to Yeat’s poem, and looking at her painted sky, clearly its, ‘embroidered cloths are enwrought with golden and silver light.’ Against this beautiful, star-spattered sky, are a spinney of presumably silver birch trees, their exquisitely textured trunks appearing metallic in the light. Even the unusual texture of the semi-abstract landscape is expressive, as Caroline exploits the mixed nature of the paint, applying it thickly in some areas, allowing it to drip down the canvas in others.

Caroline has had numerous exhibitions within the local area, and her works are in collections as far afield as Canada, the US and Europe. She organises and tutors workshops on landscape painting.

More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate):  H:104cm, W:104cm, painted canvas H:100cm, W:100cm, D:5cm

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas 

Framed, plain, cream painted, wooden frame (unglazed)

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