Christopher Townsend: The Tree of Hope (slate blue)

Christopher Townsend: The Tree of Hope (slate blue)


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Welded from mild steel and painted slate blue, Christopher’s The Tree of Hope is highly stylised and from afar forms a beautiful silhouette of descriptive curves against a white painted, framed background. As you approach, however, you appreciate that the tree is far from flat, the branches move out from the trunk into the third dimension creating a sense of depth. This effect is enlivened and sometimes doubled because, depending on lighting, natural or artificial, the tree casts its own shadow against the background.

Christopher studied Fine art and Psychology at Liverpool University, leaving in 1996 with a first class degree. Since then, he has been producing art from his studio, close to Burford in Asthall. The agricultural countryside around him profoundly impacts his work, as does his love of the coast, particularly in Devon and Cornwall. Christopher’s preoccupation with line, form and balance is particularly evident in his sculptural work, created from mild steel, stainless steel, found metal objects, stone and wood. His strong sense of harmony and balance is heightened by his study of Tai Chi and kick boxing, the practice of which aids his concentration while he works.

More of this talented sculptor's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Materials: Painted mild steel, suitable for indoors 

Dimensions (approx.): H:46cm, W:46cm, D:2cm

Framed, white painted moulded frame, integral to background of sculpture

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