Gary Betts: Four Men

Gary Betts: Four Men


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Four Men typifies the powerful impact of Gary’s oeuvre. While a comparatively small work of art (no taller than 30cm), the four men have an almost monumental presence, an emotional intensity and tactile quality that to me nods at Rodin’s larger than life Burghers of Calais in the same medium. Each figure seems alone, yet joined by the ground on which they stand. Are they the same man revealing different emotions – supplication, anger? Do they represent brotherly solidarity? It is for the viewer to decide.

In a Dutch barge moored on the Thames, the sculptor Gary Betts searches by sculpting for the ‘perfect imperfection of his earth-born, oven-backed offspring’. The result is extraordinarily varied body of work that is unique, enigmatic and often unsettling, but his sculpture is united by a sensitivity of handling and vision that speaks of humanity. For him, the subtext is as relevant as the work itself.

Born in the East End of London he came from, in his words, a tough background that was as far removed from high art as it is possible to imagine. He ‘drew his way through the national curriculum’ and enrolled at art school where enlightened tutors immediately recognized his extraordinary facility with human anatomy.

Gary is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and exhibits extensively both here and abroad.

More of this talented works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Materials: Bronze, suitable for indoors 

Dimensions (approx.): H:30cm, W: 44cm, D:12cm

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