Gordon Henderson: Still life with a vase, carnations and fruit

Gordon Henderson: Still life with a vase, carnations and fruit


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This painting, Still life with a vase, carnations and fruit, is typical of Gordon Henderson's work. Born in 1943, he is a Scottish painter who specialises in particularly jewel-like still lifes that exude energy and vibrant colour.

To areas of apparently flat painting – the textiles and wall – Gordon has applied the oil paint using controlled, square brushstrokes, bringing vitality and texture to the painting. For the subject he has featured delicate pieces of Chinoiserie, a fan on the right hand side (the silky tassel breaking the frame), a saucer and the central vase holding the carnations. With loose, rapid brushstrokes he has deftly suggested the decoration on the pieces of porcelain, including the swooping bird on the vase. But it is perhaps his skill in depicting the different effects of light on a variety of surfaces that brings this painting to life, as he describes the dimpled fruit skin and hard glazed ceramics, contrasted with the softness of the petals and matt ivory on the fan.

Dimensions (approximate): Image: H:48cm, W:48cm, Frame: H:69cm, W:69cm, D:4cm

Oil on canvas

Framed, cream painted inner frame, gilded and silvered, moulded main frame, glazed

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