James Pilston: Green Man

James Pilston: Green Man


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Taking inspiration from local folklore and his 1970s Cotswold childhood, Jim Pilston creates stunning, three-dimensional pieces that share the same idiosyncratic charm as pagan traditions. Pilston uses found materials within a mile of his home and repurposes them into fascinatingly naïve artworks which explore the subversive depths of British legend.

Pilston’s Green Man is styled after a medieval pantomime actor, traditionally known as a mummer, reflecting his love of folklore, whilst simultaneously playing with the colours of modernity. In using a striking palette of deep greens and rich oranges, Pilston animates the figure, leading the viewer into a fantasy world. Harsh edges purposefully distort the figure and in turn enhance the medieval mystery at hand.

Pilston says that he relishes in creating something magical from a variety of materials that have been discarded. His work imbues unwanted objects with life and pleasantly reminds us of forgotten traditions.

Dimensions: H: 63cm, W: 24cm, D: 9cm 

Materials: Papier Mache and Recycled Materials 

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