Jane Shaw: All Ears

Jane Shaw: All Ears


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Jane Shaw’s sculptures reflect her passion for nature and the outdoors. The animals she sculpts, whether domestic or wild, reveal a profound knowledge of their character, in a stance perfectly observed, a movement caught. Using broad, spontaneous strokes she captures the essence of her subject, whether a combative rhino or a tentative calf.

Hares are steeped in folklore, their appearance in the countryside chimes with something ancient, a symbolic manifestation with an iconographic image. In All Ears Shaw has captured the hare’s familiarity but without compromising the wild, untameable nature of the creature. The ears, sculpted in broad, expressive strokes, appear tensed by real muscle, the face is poised and alert. This is not a sentimentalised rendition, but a sensataive portrait of a flesh and blood creature.

Shaw is based in rural Dorset and frequently works from nature, which explains the spontaneity of her work and the unsentimental empathy with the animals she portrays. Importantly, she is also involved in an art project which seeks to help people suffering from mental illness or a disability, leading to feelings of alienation or loneliness. The project aims to build self-confidence and an enduring sense of self-worth.

Cast in bronze resin, All Ears is a limited edition number twelve of twenty five (12/25)

More of this sculptor's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Material: Cast in Bronze resin, dressed stone plinth

Dimensions: Head: H:31cm, W:20cm, D:22cm

                    Head with plinth: H:42cm

                    Plinth base: H:13cm, W:4cm, D:4cm

Care: Gently dust with soft brush when required.

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