Kip Kavallares: Embrace III

Kip Kavallares: Embrace III


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Highly sculptural figures emerge from a visual black hole in a flame-coloured background, the impression is of heat and strength. A tangle of action is described, limbs moving in a dynamic embrace. Abstract but clearly figural, Embrace III is a powerful painting by Kit Kavallares whose work, by its very nature, is highly original and experimental

Describing his art, Kip explains,`I do not wish to stand still for too long … I will often flit between styles and genres, it helps me from becoming too safe and pushes me forward’. It is the creative process that excites him, pushing and pulling the paint around the canvas, laying down layers of paint then stripping them back again, seeing what develops. Primarily he works from sketches and photographs, but he does not let the colours in these images dictate to him, preferring to experiment. He enjoys producing gestural brush strokes, scrapes, lines and textures and constantly looks out for new ideas and colour combinations.

`When you look at my work I want you to get close up, stick your face into the painting and be part of the work by exploring each brush mark, scrape or drip’.

Kip Kavallares is a self-taught artist living in Gloucestershire where he exhibits extensively. He returned to painting as recently as 2013, holding his first solo exhibition at the Guildhall Gallery in 2015 and only a few years later receiving accolades from the prestigious, international American Arts Awards. In addition to his own work, he tutors workshops in Abstract, Expressive still life & Abstract cityscapes.

More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate): Framed: H:95cm, W:95cm, D:2cm, image H:81, W:81cm 

Acrylic on canvas

Framed: plain black wood frame, unglazed

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