Lawrence Isherwood: Woodland Scene

Lawrence Isherwood: Woodland Scene


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Isherwood is renowned for his vibrant cityscapes, but this Woodland Scene is painted with the same bravura and emotion as his more familiar street scenes. Drenched with every shade of green, the repeated vertical tree trunks create a rhythm as they recede into the distance, the quick, loose brushstrokes conferring a powerful sense of growth and life.

The son of a cobbler, James Lawrence Isherwood, known as Jim, was born in Wigan in 1917. Eschewing the family business and a local accounting job to follow his early passion for painting, his only formal training was part time at the local Mining and Technical College. Jim was unconventional and avoided any form of stereotyping. His style has been described as the missing link between Impressionism and Expressionism, but he would have rejected such pigeonholing. He was initially inspired by his hometown, but later he painted further afield and abroad.

In 1965 The Financial Times said, ‘He is almost the last artist of enduring note who refuses to be managed into financial security. It is painting which interests him, not money’.

Isherwood wanted to spread the appreciation of art and exhibited extensively, initially at Oxford and Cambridge universities (Prince Charles acquired one of his paintings, as did the artist LS Lowry who admired his work). While not appreciated in his own lifetime (he died in 1988), he has long since gained the recognition his art deserved, and his work is sought after. 

Dimensions (approximate): Image: H:45cm, W:60cm, Framed: H:49 cm, W:64cm, D:3cm

Oil on board


Framed, distressed silver, unglazed

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