Pamela Harrison: Standing Alone Amongst Beauty

Pamela Harrison: Standing Alone Amongst Beauty


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Typical of Pamela’s work, Standing Alone Amongst Beauty is an expressively painted view from the seashore. Her emotional response to the scene is distilled in the work, layers of paint built up creating an image that is the essence of the scene. Photographs or in situ drawings are used purely as a reminder of the feeling, rather than rehearsals for the final piece. Her technique is literally ‘hands on’ as she initially works layers of oil paint into the surface using her hands. ‘Subsequent layers of transparent and opaque paint are poured and splattered onto the canvas, scrubbed back, re-worked, drawn, and scored into, using palette knives and brushes to create marks and textures…’

Pamela is a contemporary painter whose work is embedded in a long tradition of English landscape painting. She describes her approach to her work, ‘My paintings convey the interplay of emotional response to things seen and experienced within landscape through the physical activity of painting, a form of internal dialogue of remembering, reflecting, visualising, and interpreting.’

Pamela’s formal training started with a degree in ceramics, she then moved into art education, becoming head of art in a large comprehensive, teaching adult education groups and becoming a resident maker at Brewery Arts in Cirencester. In 2008 she fulfilled her ambition to paint full time and set up her own studio.

More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate): Image: H:80cm, W:80cm, frame: H:86cm, W:86cm, D:3.5cm

Oil on canvas

Framed, white painted plain wooden frame, unglazed

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