Peter Davis: End Point

Peter Davis: End Point


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End Point is typical of Peter's atmospheric style. The innovative technical process behind his painting is highly effective, using mixed media – chalk based pigment, French polish and wax finish – to create an image that has an intriguingly textured surface and remarkable visual depth. In this work, clear lines are scraped into the surface of the painted canvas, defining a strong perspective, taking the eye across the land towards the brooding horizon. Close up the colours are detailed in their application, and yet austere in their controlled range, but keep looking and in the distance twinkle the warm, artificial light of 'civilization'.

Peter Davis's work is as much about the sense of touch as of sight, using texture, tinted French polishes and waxes to achieve depth and warmth. An often muted palette creates a timeless quality to his paintings. Having trained as a scenic artist in the early 1990s, Peter has managed art projects on numerous films and West End productions, as well as creating scenes for fashion shoots and art house installations in and around London from his studios in London and Berkshire. Knowing his background explains the extraordinary grasp of perspective and depth, light and shade, which makes his work particularly atmospheric. 

More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate): Image: H:90cm, W:121cm, framed H:97cm, W:128cm, D:5cm

Chalk based pigment, French polish, wax finish on canvas

Unmoulded, brown painted wooden frame, unglazed

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