Piotr Gargas: Emerging


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Piotr's extraordinary affinity with the stone he is carving is palpable, in Emerging, he has taken a block of one of the hardest stones available in England and skilfully exploited its warm colour and darker veining. The back of the unfurling ‘plant’ is highly polished, the front carved in organic waves leaving a rougher texture, through which the thirteen holes are smoothly pushed. The curved form at the base is again highly finished, but also carved so that a clear line is seen and felt. The swirling growth of Emerging makes it especially beautiful juxtaposed with foliage in a garden or landscape setting.

Piotr spent five years in Poland formally training as sculptor, where the traditional discipline involved the study and copying of classical pieces. This led to him becoming involved in restoration work, travelling across Europe for the next decade to work on the decorative stonework of numerous historic buildings, while continuing to learn from the work of generations of past stonemasons and artists. This work has inevitably been described as stone ‘cosmetic surgery’, but the process of repairing eroded and damaged sculptures has led to the development of Piotr’s own artistic style. His current work has been inspired by working on the colleges and churches in Oxford. More recently he has focused on using modern 3D imaging technology to then create his own sculptures in stone, which reflect the flow and harmony so evident in organic form.

More of this talented, self-taught sculptor's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Materials: Ancaster weatherbed limestone, suitable for indoors or outside, plinth black slate, oak, limestone

Dimensions (approx.): Sculpture: H:92cm, W:33, D:30cm, plinth H:64cm, W:19cm, D:19cm, plinth base :5 x 35 x 35cm 

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