Richard Williams: If you didn't know... you wouldn't know

Richard Williams: If you didn't know... you wouldn't know


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Richard's charismatically entitled work: If you didn't wouldn't know, is representative of his style which, in his words it is 'constantly evolving'. There is an intriguing, almost alchemical process behind his technique, which is at once both experimental and spontaneous.

This technique is innovative. Laying the large canvas flat, Richard plays with layers of oil colour, (in a medium of clear epoxy resin), or sometimes extended acrylic paint. Then, taking a long blade (like those used in screen-printing), he draws a film of colour across the surface. He then splashes or sprinkles the surface with lavender spike oil or water (if the paint is acrylic). The blade is then redrawn across the surface to allow a textured dappling of colour to emerge from the underlayers. This effect is sometimes refined by light sanding (as here) when the surface has set hard. The totally abstract result is rich and powerful.

Richard explains: 'The canvas offers me a window into a virtual sculptural arena, framed by the bounds of the canvas edge. Through this space, I want my mind to be taken on an evocative journey, beyond my initial perceptions of colour and form... Layers of my chosen media are applied (and sometimes removed to a degree) without total finite control, where I embrace their physical properties and limitations.’
More of this talented artist's works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions (approximate): H:128cm, W:143cm, D:7cm

Mixed media on canvas

Unframed, unglazed, canvas on stretcher with fixings for hanging

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