Sylvia Paul: Wild Meadow

Sylvia Paul: Wild Meadow


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Whilst out on a summer’s walk, artist Sylvia Paul came across a breath-taking patch of meadow brimming with wildflowers. In Wild Meadow, Paul moves beyond depicting a quintessentially beautiful Cotswold scene, charging the canvas so full of life, fluorescence, and spontaneity through thick and energetic swathes of paint that we feel absolutely (and willingly!) immersed; temporarily escaping into a dimension suffused with jubilant blossoms of crimson reds and violets, amidst the dancing, tangled webs of the undergrowth.

Paul’s approach is, without exception, an emphatic response to the inescapable, organic vivacity of nature. Working in thick, impasto layers, the artist adopts the versatility of oil paint to skilfully sculpt the medium onto canvas with a palette knife, encouraging an intriguing range of textures to interrupt the flatness of the surface and construct a rhythmic sensory pattern akin to the wide-ranging fibres of the landscape.

Sylvia Paul’s artistic journey thus far is nothing short of remarkable. With an education in painting at Colchester School of Art and Hockerill College of Education, she has gone on to exhibit extensively for the past forty years both across the UK and abroad with distinguished names including the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, and Mall Galleries, to name a few. In 2013, Paul’s exhibition at Gallery Sakura in Japan made an astonishing 36 sales in three days.

In her words, “I love my life as an artist, creating original paintings that I hope reflect the joy I have when working on them. I want to share colour, light, and energy.”

More of this talented artist’s works are on display in our lovely Burford Art Gallery.

Dimensions: H: 120cm x W: 100cm

Oil on Canvas

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