Copper Tagine Lid

Copper Tagine Lid


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Designed to fit our four litre spun iron bowls, these Copper Tagine Lids are perfect for creating some elegant kitchen to table service that will really ‘wow’ your guests. Crafted by a family-owned business in South Shropshire, the luxurious lid has been hand polished to a soft lustre, thus, giving it that glorious gleam.

It not only looks incredible, but it will last and last through many bountiful family meals. Covering the inside of the lid is a tin lining, an ancient tradition that prevents against rusting and reduces any risk of flavour tainting. Traditionally used to cook exotic North African dishes, it is also great at slow cooking succulent casseroles. Perfect for the adventurous cooks amongst you who are keen to extend your culinary repertoire.

Bowl not included.