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Premium Tool Set (3 piece)


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This Premium Tool Set has everything you need when cooking on a barbecue. A handy three-piece set comprising a spatula, pair of tongs and long fork, these tools will become your essential pieces for gatherings and parties to come. Designed to keep arms and hands away from heat, and to gently touch food without shredding it, they take up minimum space and look elegant against a stainless steel cooker.


  • Spatula: H:3.8cm, W:9.7cm, D:45.7cm
  • Tongs: H:2.3cm, W:3.8cm, D:43.2cm
  • Fork: H:3.8cm, W:3.3cm, D:45.7cm

Material: Stainless steel

Product care: Dishwasher safe


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