Tall Outside Oven

Tall Outside Oven


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This all-in-one outdoor oven sits on top of its own fire box, in turn above a useful log store. Just like a Aga Oven, you can use this handcrafted steel oven for pizza, garlic bread, baked brie, roasting any meats, and roast and baked potatoes.

How does it work? A 5mm mild steel plate and fire bricks separate the fire box from the oven. The smoke and flames travel up the side walls into the cooking oven and on out through the chimney. The smoke from the fire adds flavour.

Handcrafted in the UK from mild steel, and of unparalleled quality. The outdoor oven with chimney is a single unit, and very heavy. It features four ring handles to assist with moving it. The doors have lovely bulbous latches and glass inserts. Each opening has a curved ledge, and the oven has an overhang to keep the weather off.

This garden oven will be a great addition to the terrace for your outdoor entertaining, or as the centrepiece of an outdoor kitchen. It is also great for gathering around on chillier evenings.

Handcrafted in the UK.

Materials: Mild steel, heat resistant glass


H: 185cm including chimney; to top of oven:124cm
W:65cm including handles; body of oven:60cm
D:61cm (body of oven:50cm)
Oven opening W:cm
Cooking plate W:40cm, D:30cm

Weight: 150kg

Instructions: Keep the door open when you light the fire to create a good draught. A good fire gets the oven up to temperature quickly. To maintain a good cooking temperature, reduce the fire.

Accessories: The Tall Outdoor Oven comes with a removable cooking plate and spare temperature gauge. Additional accessories are available in store.

Care: To maintain the steel, rub with a wire brush and then oil; or it is fine to leave the oven outside and let it take its natural course. Glass in doors can be removed with ease for cleaning.

Safety note: The wall to the top section of the oven get hot, as may the handles. Very heavy. Do not attempt to move the oven when in use or until completely cool.

Note: The oven has been rubbed all over with oil, which will eventually oxidize, turning a deep autumn colour. This change has no impact on the oven's long-term durability as the steel is very thick. It is not treated in any way as a coating of heat-resistant paint would, over a period of time, burn off and deteriorate.