Paisley Mattresses from Burford Garden Company

Paisley Mattress



The wood blocks and printing for these sumptuous Paisley Matresse patterns were cut by hand in India. As a result, the design has all the interesting irregularities inherent with an artisan artefact, the effect set off by tassels on all four corners. Use this wonderful mattress to make an outside bench or chair feel luxurious, or throw one on a rug inside for additional colour and comfort. It is also invaluable for a small child's impromptu sleepover!

Paisley has an intriguing history: in the early 16th Century the Moguls took Delhi and Agra, and gradually spread south across India. In their wake the Mogul love of botanical art took root and a highly decorative, now familiar style emerged, with instantly recognisable motifs. Here the stylised flower heads have blossomed into curvy lozenge shapes, known as ‘paisley’. The motif was widely used in the West, revisited in the 1970s and has again become popular.

Please choose from the available following colours:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Melrose
  • Fern
  • Curry

Dimensions: L:100cm, W:50cm, D:5cm

Material: Outer: 100% hand block-printed cotton; Filling: poly

Care: Dry clean only

Please note: Because this is a hand-block printed item, the colour will bleach if left in direct sunshine or sunlight.