Folding Teak Garden Chair

Folding Teak Garden Chair


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This Folding Teak Green Chair is wonderfully green in both senses. The spaced crosspieces of the seat and back are made from sturdy teak, the traditional hardwood used for garden furniture, but no trees have been felled in the making of this chair because the timber is reclaimed. The surface of each teak crosspiece has then been painted in different green tones – from ultramarine to bottle green – and given a fashionably distressed finish.

The legs of the chair are forged from strong, black finished metal and are extremely robust, making a stable, but comfortable seat.  When standing, the shape of the unfolded metal legs form an elegant serpentine shape. The mechanism for unfolding the chair is simple but smooth, the seat slides open and clips into position without being taken apart. This system also means the chair can be folded flat with ease for convenient storage.

Handmade in India, the effect of this chair is wonderfully artisanal and Bohemian, and at the same time extremely practical.

Please note we have matching Folding Teak Garden Tables online. 

Dimensions: H:87cm, W: 39cm, D: 47cm, Seat H: 43cm, W: 39cm, D: 33cm

Materials: Reclaimed teak seat and back, distressed green paint, black metal frame

Weight: 8.3kg

Care: Store in a dry location when not in use.

Handmade in India

As with all handmade items, the colours may vary slightly.

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