Hardwood Director's Chair Verde Scuro

Hardwood Director's Chair Verde Scuro


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Director's chairs are such a useful garden accessory, especially when as durable and as impervious to the weather as these. Lightweight, comfortable and foldable, you can move them around with ease to follow the sun, seat extra guests at the garden table or even take them camping! These Director's Chairs look pretty good indoors as well.

These luxury Italian-made chairs feature the side-folding mechanism typical of director's chairs.

These outdoor chairs are constructed on a sturdy frame made from solid, sustainably sourced robinia wood, a hardwood also known as Black Locust, which is an extremely hard and durable wood that is also resistant to rot. Like teak, when exposed to the elements, over time the wood will fade to a silvery grey if left untreated.

Olefine® fabric, similar in texture to canvas, has special qualities suitable for use outdoors. It prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms such as dustmites amongst the fibres, eliminating the danger of respiratory and skin allergies. It also resists attack by mildew, mould and bacteria, which are not only damaging to health but can also cause unpleasant odours. Olefine® has passed advanced laboratory tests that guarantee strong resistance to light and abrasion. These folding chairs feature double-thickness fabric seat and back, easily removed.

  • Italian quality – extremely high quality with an impeccable finish
  • Colour:  Verde Scuro (dark green) Olefine® fabric with a natural wooden frame.

    Dimensions: H:86cm, W:57cm, D:48cm; Seat H:47cm

    Weight: 6kg

    Materials: Olefine® fabric and Robinia wood

    Care: Fabric is washable; refer to label. Store in a dry location when not in use.

    Note: If left in its natural state, the colour of the wood will changes from light blonde, to darker, grey tones.

    Made in Italy