Kajito Flying Deck Chair (cushions not included)

Kajito Flying Deck Chair


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Looking like a piece of modern art, this remarkable reinvention of the deck chair owes much to hammocks and racing yacht sails. Designed to be as easy to fold up and move as the classic deck chair (or even easier, if you find those contraptions literally a trap for the fingers of the uninitiated), the Kajito is a feat of modern engineering. More than just a chair; when you lie back onto the stretched canvas-like sheet you will feel as if you are flying, or floating above the ground.

This unusual outdoor chair has a sturdy frame constructed from solid bamboo wood, a strong yet lightweight wood ideally suitable to a portable item such as the Kajito. A fabric sheet is held tight between the four raised pole arms of the frame by a system of rope pulleys and adjustable webbing straps, allowing you to get the position just how you want it. You can have it so you sit in it more uprightly, only with raised feet, or tighter so you lie on it flatter like on a sunbed.

It invites comparison with a hammock suspended from a frame, but this is a far better option: the frame is lightweight, movable and foldable, and is not nearly so imposing a structure as an unwieldy hammock frame; and the stretched sheet of the Kajito is far easier to get into and out of than a hammock.

The Kajito chair is fully adjustable, has wheels so you can move it into or out of the sun and is simple to fold away into its storage bag. Move the structure around the terrace, decking, garden or beach – it'll look pretty good indoors as well!

A great alternative to a hammock or sunbed. Supplied with two interchangeable fabric sheets with the look and feel of canvas, in two natural shades – Earth (dark) and Moon (light) – to suit your surroundings or your mood. A black nylon storage/carry bag is also included.

Dimensions: L:190cm, W:170cm; in storage bag L:130cm, Dia:20cm

Materials: Frame – Ring Bamboo; Fabric – Olefin 316 gr/M2 (UV performance 7–8, water repellent, treated against mould and bacteria)

Loading capacity: Maximum 150kg

Weight: 9,5kg

Care: Fabric is washable; refer to label


Olefine® fabric, similar in texture to canvas, has special qualities suitable for use outdoors. It prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms such as dustmites amongst the fibres, eliminating the danger of respiratory and skin allergies. It also resists attack by mildew, funguses and bacteria, which are not only damaging to health but can also cause unpleasant odours. Olefine® has passed advanced laboratory tests that guarantee strong resistance to light and abrasion. The fabric sheet can be easily removed.