Lido Garden Chair Orange (cushion not included but online)

Lido Garden Chair Orange


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Inspired by The Spaghetti Chair, a cult object from the legendary Sixties, this orange Lido Garden Chair brings with it the same carefree fun of that era, but with a contemporary twist: having an eye on ergonomic design, the modern chair is probably more comfortable than the original article.

The crucial ‘spaghetti’ – brilliant orange, PVC hollow core braid – is hand woven around a sturdy, painted aluminium frame which, intriguingly, appears to be a continuous piece of curvy white pipework, in reality it finishes at the bottom of both front feet.

Obviously stylish, but wonderful for relaxation in the sun or with a book, the iconic appearance of this chair makes it glamorous either on a terrace or by the pool, and easy to manoeuvre because it is light.

The Lido Garden Footstool is also available online.

Dimensions: H:71cm, W:64cm, D:69cm, seat H:43cm

Maximimum loading: 100kg

Weight: 6kg

Materials: Aluminium, PVC

Care: Stackable, store in a dry location when not in use

Made in Italy