Lisa Sun Lounger

Lisa Sun Lounger


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This luxurious sun lounger is a superb, contemporary update of the wonderful teak-framed furniture designed for hot climates in previous centuries. The frame is made from beautifully figured, reclaimed teak, while the weight-bearing woven body, matching the silvery grey of the teak, has an attractive, open weave which is strong and comfortable to lie on and encourages a cooling airflow in the heat.

Practical features of the Lisa Sun Lounger mean the back can be adjusted to accommodate flat-out sunbathing or different degrees of elevation. Discreet, in-built wheels allow the lounger to be moved effortlessly in or out of the sun.

Teak, a hardwood, is famously substantial and durable, the subtle tone of the untreated teak will become even more beautiful as it continues to mellow over time into a more silvery shade.

Finish: Natural Grey



Material: Reclaimed teak and natural wicker

Dimensions: H (unadjusted):35cm, W:209cm, D:66cm

Care: The teak of the frame and the wicker itself will lighten naturally with age, taking on a more silvery quality, an effect that would be accelerated if used outside in summer. Reclaimed wood is a natural material that is sensitive to high temperatures and air humidity, resolving in cracks if unsuitable conditions are met. Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and marks. For any further finishes, teak waxes and finish products are available.

Note: Supplied fully assembled, but can be dismantled if required.